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Beach Weddings

This isn't just a fairy tale, we have a list of the most perfect destinations that we have compiled over 12 years of being in this industry.

Castle Weddings

This isn't just a fairy tale, we have a list of the most perfect destinations that we have compiled over 12 years of being in this industry.

Mansion Weddings

This isn't just a fairy tale, we have a list of the most perfect destinations that we have compiled over 12 years of being in this industry.

Yacht Weddings

This isn't just a fairy tale, we have a list of the most perfect destinations that we have compiled over 12 years of being in this industry.

Inquire Online

The first step to any of our Lovely Destination Wedding Villas is to Inquire online, Skype us, call us or even send us a Twitter Request.  This is how easy we make it to work with us.  The Inquiry Process is smooth and easy and depending on where you are in the world, you can expect your reply in minutes or within a few hours.  But no matter what, your inquiry and your "Big Day," are extremely important to us.

Each inquiry page can be found aside the home you are looking at.  View the photos, select your dates, and send the inquiry through.  Or even more simple, just send the inquiry without dates too, that way you remain flexible, either way works for us.

There will be an email response to let you know that we have received your email.  That initial response is not the reply, it's simply an automated email letting you know "we have it."  After that the process of receiving emails and the total cost for the wedding, event, or stay, is quite simple.

Your Pricing Options

Once you get a reply from one of our Wedding Villa Specialists you will see that you have "Pricing Options" with all of your homes, private islands, yachts, or locations.  This price point can be with meals, without, or just the cost of the Destination Villa for a Stay for a Honeymoon or after the day to enjoy with family and friends.  Remember most of these homes can be rented "in addition" for your vacation.  They are however our most wonderful options for Destination Weddings as well.

The Total Cost for the Wedding at the Location, Yacht, or Villa will be determined by the number of guests, what you have in mind for food and beverage, and of course how lavish a location you go to.  So the sky is truly the limit.  Each quote will come in as you desire it, we will put the work in for you.

Specialty Wedding Packages

Some of our Most Beautiful Homes have Specialty Wedding Packages in place.  That means that they have selected to offer "one" or "two" types of menus and options for the actual wedding because it makes the entire process much more simple for the wedding planning portion of your wedding.  The Specialty Wedding Packages also include Weddings on Private Islands, Luxury Yachts, and Luxury Cruise lines, as well as our Mansions and Villas.  They will run down options like "Full Bar, Half Bar, Premium or Well."  This means you have an option to select this to be included in your menu for guests, half bar means that half of the liquor will be included while the other more premium liquors like the Blue and Gold Labels and our Premier Wines, will be additional for guests.  The Well line is the lower end, but not bad by any means, it is simply serving a lower shelf vs. higher shelf liquor.  You will also get photography, cake, and types of sit down or self-serve menus.  The more people you add (hosting, serving, cleaning) the more it will cost for the bottom line. 

The Packages work very well for that couple who is really easy to please and has just the "day" in mind, while leaving the other elements to the planners and the pre-arranged style of wedding.

Ask your Villa Wedding Specialist about these options.

Selecting your Destination

Selecting your Destination for your Wedding may seem a monumental feat.  We are here to make that process easier, with just a few questions about Budget, Location Challenges, and size of group, we can determine what best meets your needs.  You may have a group you want to attend your wedding that is 150 guest list long.  If those guests are all coming from One Country to Another than they may be limited as to who can travel, when they can travel, and budget for the travel (for group).  We would like to mention that most of the Destination Weddings that occur in various regions are usually kept smaller to accommodate groups who simply cannot afford that type of travel.  The Bride and Groom may then opt for a secondary reception for family and friends who may not be able to attend.  Our Wedding Specialists can go over this with you.

A Destination Wedding may also be limited by your "Wedding License" so be sure to ask your Specialist to check on what that country or city requires prior to your nuptials.  You may also chose to have your Vow Exchange, which would simplify the ceremony and you can bring in your own officiate for that particular day.  Maritime law is different, so this will be fine, most of the time in international waters we have no issues with weddings, certificates or other wedding procedures.  Please however check for weddings not performed in international waters for specific city, country, state regulations.

We look forward to helping you with your Destination.

Travel Agents

Travel Agents and any travel Professional booking one of our Luxury Destinations for their clients weddings would be paid a commission, regardless of whether or not it is a referral or an Agent with the Bride and Groom or family member.  We take the relationships we form with our vendors and agents very seriously.  We want that relationship to remain in place for a long term commitment and have developed a partnership program for that very reason.  We hope that you will contact us with any of your Wedding Villa or Destination needs, as well we can work with you on any number of Vacation Rentals though our company.

We are focused on client satisfaction and making sure both agents and clients are happy, as to us, they are one and the same.


Your Weddings Specialists

Your Wedding Specialist is someone who works with you in designing your special day, from the Villa Specialist who helps you chose the Villa you will have your wedding in, to the Wedding Planner who will take you through steps from choosing a cake design to helping you coordinate your flowers with your bridesmaids dresses, to the florists who deliver the freshest flowers to your venue.  Each Wedding Specialist has a particular job in mind and they do that job well.

When you select your location, a specialist from our list with come with that home.  The specialist will them email you and call you to start the process of choosing the items for the wedding.  For instance, if you chose Italy and wanted to have an Italian Countryside Wedding, yet knew nothing about Italy, we would pair you with a Specialist who handles Italy and who can translate the vendors into English for you.  They can also plan any tours or activities with your group for the days prior or following your trip.

We have taken the time to hand pick various vendors, but our vendor list keeps growing, so if you know a vendor you would like to add, please let one of our representatives know.  If you are a vendor, fill out the "contact" us form and let us guide you through the steps of becoming a vendor.

Payment Options

Once you have chosen the location, the villa, and are working towards securing that villa, location, or yacht, the payment process will follow.  Your Wedding Specialist will first send you a link with a Reservation form that you will fill out, then return.  This will have the breakdown of the Villa, location or Yacht you have chosen to book.  The actual Vendors or Wedding Planners will be invoicing the "wedding" portion separately and will work with you on the payment plans for those vendors.  They may take individual checks for each vendor or they make take a credit card for their services.  This will depend on where you are going, what you have ordered, and how much of a deposit they want.

For all of the Villas, the booking must happen within 1 year or less, and 50% is due to block your dates.  Do not wait if you are sure of the house, Vendors and Villas and Yachts are billed separately.  If you wait you may end up losing your selection and have to start over again.  The Villas, Locations, and Yachts that allow for weddings typically handle quite a few weddings during the year so this makes blocking your dates and finalizing that portion necessary.

As well most of the Villas do have a Wedding or Event Surcharge.  This Surcharge is billed with the villa reservation and would be transacted in that way.  If you are booking the Wedding at one of our select Resort Villas, most of the items if they are (pre-determined) may be billed on the credit card they accept. However the majority of private owners do not accept credit card payments and we would require a check as deposit for the rental of the Villa or Location.

Once the first payment is in, the wedding planning is under way and you are 60 days out, we will reconfirm and collect the balance due in the same fashion as you paid the initial deposit.  All Wedding Villa Reservations, Yacht Reservations, are final once booked.  If you cancel for any reason you will NOT be refunded for the cancellation.  So please ask our Sales Team about the Possibility of purchasing Travel Insurance for any cancellations that may occur.  If you need to change your dates, much like a luxury hotel or resort, you will have to ask whether or not the date is open and whether or not the Villa, Location or Yacht will accept the change in date.  This is especially difficult when you are planning around a popular month, summer being the most popular in most countries.

Additional Service Fees

There may be additional service fees associated with your wedding day. This may include flowers, officiates, staff for the bar, staff for serving, tips not covered, table top settings, liquor, licenses, additional accommodations for overflow, breakage, or rentals of any other sort.  These fees are typical and may be explained to you once you begin, check the contractual obligation by the Wedding Planner so that you may be fully aware of potential Additional Service Fees.

Make a Balance Payment

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Caribbean Villa Resorts

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European Villa Resorts

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Asia Villa Resorts

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Oceana Villa Resorts

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South Africa Villa Resorts

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Honeymoon Villas

Honeymoon Villas are a perfect way to escape to a private and luxurious destination of your choice without having to worry about the planning portion.  Booking the Wedding was the hard part, but the Honeymoon will be pure fun.  Choose from any location in the world, a cottage in Belize, a condo in Hawaii, or a beachfront villa in the Cayman Islands.  Take on Snorkeling, horseback riding, white water rafting, trekking through the jungle, or just sipping on a margarita at the Parrot Island Resort Villas. 

There are so many options for Honeymoon Villas, it will take your breath away.

Where it says (Vow Renewal) Change to Adventure Honeymoon


Adventure Honeymoon

Are you thinking of getting away for your honeymoon and going on Safari?  Maybe you want to travel to Fiji and go Snorkeling?  How about taking a skiing trip for your great Honeymoon Adventure?  These are just a few of the things you can do while escaping away.

In the day of "Little Time" where both the bride and groom are working, often the couple want to explore options that make their trip more of a fun vacation and honeymoon rolled into one.  We couldn't agree with you more!  There is something for every couple when it comes to honeymoons.  So don't be afraid to ask, maybe your next facebook photo will read "Enjoying Cliff Diving on my Adventure Honeymoon."  Let us help you let the wild side out of your relationship.


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